1. Paul Foulkes's Avatar
    Is anyone using Rocketmail? My son has a rocketmail account which I am trying to link to his mail app. On opening the mail app for the first time it asks me to add an account - so I add the rocketmail account. Then next time I open the app it keeps asking me " lets get started, add an account" ? I have tried to add the account again ( thinking I may have forgotten to press enter !) but I am told the account is already added. But the app doesn't progress to the mail page?

    Any ideas?
    10-11-2015 08:19 AM
  2. Paul Foulkes's Avatar
    Sorted it. Well in fact it sorted itself - it was just taking an age because he had so much stuff in his mail account
    10-11-2015 08:46 AM

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