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    Hello All..

    A number of us in IT at our company are testing Windows 10 Enterprise and oddly I've been having an issue that none of my colleagues have been having. It must be a relatively small bunch as I've not found many online having the issue but there are some, it's just odd that on the same device the experience is so different.

    I initially upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Enterprise using a USB Key and it was smooth sailing, up until my first boot into the OS. Once logged in the fan increased and the backup of the SP3 was getting very hot. Within 10 mins the SP3 shutdown with a black screen and temp gauge, I let everything cool down for about 20 mins and booted up again to only find the same issue. I did manage to see in the Task Manager that top of the list was "Service Host: Local System (14)" taking up 25-30% CPU before it shutdown again with the temperature logo and black screen. I ended up just reverting back to Windows 8.1 while I tried to investigate further since I need my SP3 for work.

    I couldn't find too much info online, mostly the old SP3 overheating issues from a year ago, I waited a couple of weeks and tried again this past weekend since there was a firmware upgrade recently. After upgrading it was the same CPU utilization for the same Service Host except it was not as hot but just as much fan noise. After some messing around I disable Fast Startup and rebooted, surprise! surprise! no more issue and this group of services or process in the Service Host group was operating at 0-2% CPU. I do still have minor issues where if I suspend, sleep or shutdown with the button I get excessive CPU after bringing it back with System process and another labeled as Interrupts. In this case I reboot and everything is normal again.

    I don't like not having the Fast Startup because the SP3 isn't as snappy when coming in and out of sleep, reboot etc. Has anyone else experienced this or figured out why Fast Startup would affect the SP3, at least in my case, like this?
    10-13-2015 02:41 PM
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    Fast startup is basically a hibernate of the OS and then resume. Must be a process that is not resuming correctly.

    Using Process Explorer you could have tracked it down deeper. Or you could have taken a process dump and then submitted feedback with a link to that for them to investigate.

    Updates are fixing issues... for instance I upgraded a PC to Windows 10 and SQL Server service then didn't auto start. After applying the Windows Updates it fixed itself. So these monthly cumulative updates are always fixing oddities like this.
    10-13-2015 04:43 PM

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