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    I installed the Windows 10 mobile (preview, of course) on my Lumia 730, and I am not able to make calls, start music, open any kind of apps with Cortana's voice command.
    For example, I say to "play all my music", and Cortana shows a message saying "Playing Music" but it doesn't open, and stays like that forever.
    The same happens when trying to call someone.
    I know Windows Mobile 10 is a beta, I just want to know if this a common issue or if it is only happening with me.
    It worked fine on WP 8.1, and I tried both soft and hard reset,with no luck.
    Also is there any solution for this? It is something I can live without, but if there is a solution without having to roll back to 8.1, well, it would be welcome. :)
    Thank you and sorry for my english, it is not my main language.
    10-16-2015 11:46 AM

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