1. Ahmar16's Avatar
    I am running Windows 10 Build 10565 and I am having this problem here that actually have happened for two times till now.
    The problem is that when I start my laptop it turns on but the mouse goes back to default one used in windows XP and the start wont open along with the action center and wifi etc. The external applications pinned to taskbar will vanish and wont come back (the pinned shortcuts only, actual applications are available) and the startup applications like skype, team viewer, internet download manager wont even start at all. So I am guessing it can be a problem with startup behavior or something, the only fix for now is to restart the laptop using Ctrl-Alt-Del and hitting restart or through the holding power button to turn off and on again.
    Is anyone having this issue, please let me know if you have tried something to make it right? or someone can point me to how I can make it right on my own.


    My laptop Is Dell Inspiron 15R and last build was working flawlessly without any major problems.
    10-17-2015 12:07 AM
  2. abduz's Avatar
    I'm having an issue with Wifi since installing this build, it won't find any wifi connections, I have checked all my devices (which work as usual), restarted modem, installed latest files from Toshiba for my laptop (e305-s1995), uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and still it wont work..

    I also have an issue with sound where it wont recognize the hardware but as soon as I click on the volume icon, it asks me what I'm using (Headphones, speakers or Logitech) as soon as I select one of them it works fine again until next restart. Annoying but tolerable, just not sure what to do about my Wifi
    10-21-2015 05:29 AM
  3. Ahmar16's Avatar
    Well I think it's a driver issue with you. My Dell Inspiron works fine although sometimes wifi acts weird and wont show anything in wifi list but the workaround for me is to disable the wifi in control panel and then enable it again. Or maybe try troubleshooting it.
    10-31-2015 02:53 AM

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