1. DannyGT's Avatar
    I have the same exact set up on both machines (very darn close) and Iíve always noticed that Edge consumes around 500mb-1GB of mem upon start up with my predesignated 5 tabs.

    After the TH2 update on my desktop, I was blown away that Edge now only consumed 30-150mb, even with a twitch stream rolling in the background for extra measure. However, on the SP3 (after TH2) the memory usage is still the sameÖ

    What gives?
    11-12-2015 10:27 PM
  2. Steve Adams's Avatar
    I don't know that one. But I have ditched edge until they get ad blocking capabilities baked in.
    11-13-2015 04:21 AM
  3. DannyGT's Avatar
    Anyone? I might try doing the full Edge reset on my SP3 to see if that resolves it. But man, its so much better on my desktop after this update. Faster and incredibly light. In face, it barely goes past 50MB with all those tabs open now.
    11-13-2015 08:57 AM

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