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    I am a member of a Facebook Public Page and I"Liked the Page". When I go to try and comment or "like" a post all I see is the "Share option" and there is no option to Send a Message to the Administrator. The page has been set to Public status and its a Public Blog. I have cleared out my Cache and ensured that the Ad Blocker has allowed Facebook.

    I can Like, Comment and Share on other pages. Upon further reading I have found there is no way to "block" certain users from using features on a Public Page as I have one for my work and my posts are set to public. If I can "share" a photo then I know I am not blocked. Has Facebook disabled these features for no reason? How can I get the Like Comment and Message features back on this certain page?

    I know that if I wanted to "Block" someone from my page they would not be able to search for me. When I log into Facebook on another account(I had my Friend do this) she could "Like,Comment and Share and send a message". I am able to search for this page on my account and am able to read the posts.

    Please help me to get Facebook to fix this feature or tell me a workaround so that I can comment and like posts as well as participate on the page.

    I am a Tech Geek and for the likes of me I cannot seem to know why I cannot comment or like the posts on the page.

    The page is set to"open" status meaning anyone can "Like the Page" and they do not have to be approved unlike a closed group which I am part of some closed groups. Can Mr.Zuckerberg fix this for me? When I tried reporting this noone responded. I want to work on some way to override this odd issue.

    11-13-2015 12:48 AM
  2. travelplus's Avatar
    Any ideas would be most appreciative. Thanks
    11-14-2015 02:37 AM

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