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    First off, my Dell Venue Pro 8 5830 didn't see the update until Saturday morning. I had some trouble initially trying to get the update to go, since the main device only had 2Gb free, and I had to have an external USB thumb drive for extra storage. I tried the update a couple times and it failed, but I think that was because of how I attached the USB drive. (I was going through an adapter that would keep the tablet powered and use the thumb drive with the tablet's only micro USB port.)

    I cleared up some more space, and got the tablet to 6Gb free, and changed how I connected the USB drive. Then I got the install to actually go and tell me it had scheduled a reboot. I rebooted, but was still on 10240. I tried it again, letting it do the update for Windows 10 Home version 1511, 10586. Again I got to the screen saying it was complete, reboot. Again after reboot I was still on 10240.

    I am now trying the third time.

    I had taken out the micro SD card, because I heard that causes some people to have issues. Is anybody else having this issue?
    11-15-2015 10:14 AM

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