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    Since Windows 10 first came out I have had it installed with no issue. However, yesterday I started having random problems all related to connectivity and content display.

    - Some pages will randomly not load correctly in Firefox, IE or Chrome. Sometimes only part of the page will load correctly, sometimes I will get an error like "cannot establish secure connection" or some other form of error. In some cases, simply refreshing the page will solve the issue, in other cases I have to browse the page in a different browser. Some pages display correctly in one browser but not another.

    - Origin will sometimes not display content in it's browser correctly.

    - Downloads will sometimes fail to complete correctly.

    - Sometimes I cannot search for extensions in Firefox. Sometimes Firefox says no extensions are found, other times I will try to install an extension and it will simply say it cannot be installed.

    - I cannot run the Windows Media Creation tool. I have even tried downloading it from another computer and transferring it over to my computer.

    - Even this website is not displaying content correctly and I have to refresh the page several times to get it to work.

    - Sometimes images or videos will not display correctly.

    - ALL problems are completely random (but very frequent), sometimes pages display fine, others not, sometimes fine in one browser but not another.

    Now here is the strange thing. I have reinstalled Windows 10 (wiping all user data) THREE times now. In every case after Windows is installed, all I download is my Nvidia display driver and Firefox, with absolutely nothing else, and even still I am having these problems. Two of the reinstalls were using the Windows reset feature (without retaining the old programs and features) and in one case I was able to reinstall using the media creation tool on a USB drive. I completely deleted the system partition to ensure no data was retained before reinstalling windows.

    In addition to reinstalling Windows several times I have tried:

    - Resetting my router

    - Switching from Ethernet to wireless for Internet

    - Swapping Ethernet cables

    - Reinstalling Firefox, Chrome and Origin

    - Using display drivers from different download locations (one from Nvidia's website, one from Gigabyte)

    This problem is extremely baffling as reinstalling Windows does not seem to solve the problem.

    Here are some photos of various issues:

    Even After Reinstalling Windows, Content Display and Connectivity Issues
    11-16-2015 08:07 PM

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