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    Not sure if anyone else has been having this problem as well but after I updated my laptop to W10 November update I havent been getting email notifications on the Mail app. As a matter of fact. Mail wasn't showing up until I hit the refresh button. Then it would come through. Not ideal.

    I think I solved / found the problem:

    It seems that all of my mail accounts were set to "Send mail based on my usage" and not "as they arrive". This isn't how I have it set in W10 before the update so it leads me to believe that the default gets set to "send based on usage" when you update.

    The fix is easy then. Just open the Mail App > Setting > Accounts > choose the mail account > Change Mailbox Sync Settings > As it Arrives > Save......

    Now your good to go....Cheers!
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    11-17-2015 08:23 AM

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