1. OldMillXxX's Avatar
    I might ramble, so stay with me and give it a bit of thought before stomping my guts out.

    Microsoft has made great strides with Windows mobile and done a lot more than I thought they would to try and reduce the app-gap. That being said, I find it questionable why certain things happen within that organization. Now with MS also making hardware, why do they do things a certain way, but ask their devs to do things a different way? Below is a short list of questions that border on gripes. Much of this is me questioning because I don't understand from a business view why MS would lead this way.
    • No changelogs in their own apps
    • Many of their own apps cannot be installed to an SD card - selling point of Windows mobile is being able to do that
    • Worse experience on their own platform with their own apps - so many MS apps are much better on iOS/Android
    • Playing nice with all the other operating systems is good for spreading services, but it also kills off any reason to migrate from one OS to another.

    I know, I know... MS has put CLOUD/SERVICES first and the OS it is on does not matter, but honestly how can MS expect devs and the masses to follow when they are not leading the way? I find this very troubling and again, do not understand the logic. I am trying to be very patient, but this constant "coming soon" attitude is getting a little weak. I think Windows 10 is a great possibility to make things happen, and I am looking forward to what's to come.

    What are your thoughts? Does Microsoft lead in a way that is excites you and makes you want to follow? Are you also tired of "coming soon"?
    11-17-2015 09:14 AM
  2. Protocol Rahul's Avatar
    Getting tired, but won't jump to other platform, simply because I don't like them. I am not much dependent on apps, so I can cope with no apps, but considering ur points u mentioned, I want to know their part of it, some sort of justification for things they do, such as the onedrive storage reduction etc. I want to know their definitive strategy, instead all nadella says is we are commited towards it, gabriel aul and the other guy are like we working from the feedback etc. Just in a post explain the reasoning behind the decisions made.
    Alas that is too much to ask for. Even the windows 10 mobile design I first saw as a concept on behance website by some random guy, and they practically just used his concept, may have hired him, anyways point being they sometimes seem clueless.
    Watch and see that's all.
    11-18-2015 10:25 AM

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