1. baandoptager's Avatar
    I have a huge problem, and i'm not sure if it's Surface Pro 3 related or not.

    Picture password lags and constantly skips my inputs even when being to fast or too slow. It was never an issue on windows 8, i could log in super fast and easy, rarely any issues. On windows 10 it is as if you have to be super specific and in a very specific rhythm or pace when inputting your "code". I've tried re-doing my code several times, the issues persist.

    I can never login in one attempt! Yesterday i actually thought i was locked out somehow, because it kept skipping inputs or saying that my password was wrong. IT TOOK 14 TIMES BEFORE I GOT IN! (on average i would say it takes 2-4 attempts everytime. 30% of the time 1 attempt!) I'm thinking of totally stopping using it, but i really don't feel that i should get bumped out of great feature because of horrible UX work.

    So... my questions are:

    How come Microsoft isn't aware of this issue? (probably because very few use it?)
    And how come it ain't fixed yet?
    How many of you have this problem?
    11-19-2015 04:24 AM
  2. Guzzler3's Avatar
    It's been an issue from day ONE in W10.

    I find that if I do the first gesture, wait and see if the screen recognizes that gesture with the arrow, then I will go on. If not, I do the first gesture, again, then everything works. There is some sort of background process that is delaying the entire recognition process.

    I've gotten so frustrated with W10 I've gone back to W8.1 on my SP3 (my daily use machine) and couldn't be happier. Stable, fast, consistent UI, low power usage, excellent UI for touch, etc., I only run W10 on an old SP1, just to experiment and see when things get fixed or improved enough to put it on my SP3. I'm still waiting... I have a feeling that we might have to wait till the spring updated to see any real improvement (Redstone?).
    11-19-2015 08:44 AM
  3. baandoptager's Avatar
    I originally updated to W10 on the release day, but hated it sooo much that i rolled back to W8.1 instantly (though that was extremely hard to do aswell since W10 deleted my rollback OS). I got back on W10 2 weeks ago and see improvements in the fast ring, that i can live with, but after the fall release not fixing these last issues i am actually thinking of going back to W8.1 again. :(

    I'm tired of this betalife! I expect too much i guess.
    11-20-2015 03:37 AM

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