1. Lee B's Avatar
    What if MS actually has a clear plan that looks something like this:

    1. The latest release of Win10 on the 950 platform is just an insider preview in disguise; current users of 950 and 950XL are beta testers

    2. MS will keep polishing the OS until itís as smooth as everyone hoped it would be by now.

    3. MS is focused on the long term Ė next year and the year after.

    4. The target is business users (people whose company pays for their phone or who used to carry a Blackberry)

    5. Theyíre conceding the consumer market to Android and Apple (they donít really expect that many people will be picking up a Windows phone at a retail outlet)

    6. The consumer app gap wonít close, but the platform will be very strong in functionality that business users want

    This would explain why almost no one except WM loyalists knows about the new phones, and why the reviews mostly say the 950 is good but not great, and why MS would release a phone with an OS that some users believe isnít ready for prime time.

    So, if Win 10 is giving you what you need now, it will only get better. But almost no one will switch to WM, and new consumers wonít be buying it either, so if the app gap is a problem for you, that problem isnít going away.
    11-21-2015 09:49 PM
  2. mmTL's Avatar
    Good post, and I wish W10M luck, but Microsoft has been focussed on the "long term" for a long time now. It's always Jam tomorrow with this platform.
    11-22-2015 11:51 AM

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