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    Hi. I have had a search but nothing cane back.

    I'm on 10586 and Cortana's live tile stops after a minute or two. No updating, even though I have Sport and news set. All language / speech settings are set to English UK. I asked to track a flight on Saturday, and I never got anything on the live tile. I thought it was just my device, 1320, but it happens on a 930, 640 and 640xl.

    Secondly, Cortana takes an age to read texts aloud. It's at least 5-6 seconds, but can take up to ten!

    I've never known an app go from beta to RC and get worse! It used to be super quick, and 8.1 (beta Cortana) was like lightning.

    The rest of 10586 is a vast improvement, but Cortana is, sadly, worse. Any ideas guys and gals????
    11-23-2015 09:14 AM

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