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    I'm currently a BlackBerry Z30 User and had a W8.1 laptop which I never used as anything other than a desktop. With BlackBerry not being too interested in releasing BB10 phones I thought I'd have a look at Android and Windows as alternatives. I don't want to spend loads on phones to try them out and fancied a tablet so got a Teclast x98pro Dual Boot Windows Android tablet to play around with android and see how I got on with a Windows tablet interface rather then the desktop. I know it's not a phone but as the OS is going to a universal one it must bear some resemblance (well that's my reasoning anyway).

    First off I set them both up and started playing around alternately with Android then Windows. After about a week and despite the lack of Apps on Windows (we have Amazon App store and BlackBerry World store as standard on BB10 and I've also got Play too so I'm spoilt for choice normally) I stopped using Android after about 10 days. I just found Windows so much more polished, slick and professional. I've turned off all the flippin live tiles which drive me nuts, but love the browser in particular and the ability to use a proper PC too.

    What drives me absolutely nuts though is the typing. I'm used to just randomly hitting the screen on my Z30 and it magically typing almost exactly what I want. I hardly even have to look (no really it is an amazing device to type on with great auto correct). But on Windows I must be doing something wrong. It doesn't seem to auto correct much and when you need to correct a word I can't get the cursor where I need in the word and end up just deleting the word in frustration. On my Z30 when you click on a word a circle appears around the cursor. Tap one side and you move forward 1 letter, tap the other and you move backward. It's excellent, easy to use and quick. Is there something like this in Windows? Or am I doing something wrong?

    To be fair, this is about my only major gripe. The back arrow irritates me a bit at the bottom of the screen - I hit this and switch apps when I mean to go back, but I'm getting used to the interface and maybe it's just practice. And I miss my global inbox but I think I read this site coming to Windows mail??

    Anyway, if anyone has any tips to help with my typing I'd really appreciate them.

    At this stage I'm not sure I'll switch from my Z30. It's just so easy and quick to get stuff done on and my experience so far with the tablet has left me thinking that when the Surface Phone arrives I'll have another look, but I think I'm hooked on Windows tablets now.

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    11-23-2015 02:04 PM
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    Experience on Windows 10 for Tablets and Windows 10 Mobile for phones is going to be quite different when it comes to typing. The tablet is going to be using the same keyboard as the PC, which is horrid with autocorrect. W10Mobile, I believe, sometimes is over-exuberant with the auto-correct.

    Windows 10 Mobile also has "word flow" which allows you to draw on the keyboard. I haven't been able to get this working on my tablet or laptop. I don't know why.

    Another feature in Windows 10 Mobile, is everywhere you can type, there is also a "dictation icon" present so that you can "speak" what you want written. It works very well for me, and dictating is what I find myself doing 90% of the time because it is much faster and easier for me.

    Just something to consider. Right now, Microsoft Store is selling a Lumia 640 for $39, and Best Buy is offering the 640 for $29 as a Black Friday special, should you want to brave that crowd. It's a cheap way to pick up a Windows Phone, and you can enroll into the Insider program to install Windows 10 Mobile on that phone right away. It's what I've done, and I find the mobile experience better than the tablet experience for text input by a pretty fair margin. Your mileage may vary.
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    11-23-2015 06:20 PM
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    Thanks for that. It's certainly an idea to buy a cheap one and play around with it. I hadn't realised they were that cheap as the moment. Thanks also for the tips.

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    11-24-2015 02:44 PM

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