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    If this can't be fixed asap, then this is a deal breaker for me. I was missing photos in onedrive that I had taken recently on my phone (1520 running 10586). I go into photos and can't find any upload status like there was in the photos app in 8.1 (strike 1). I go into onedrive and stumble around and finally find the upload status in a very obscure place (strike 2). I find the photos uploading under "camera" instead of "uploading" (strike 3). Under "camera" it appears to be uploading videos of some sort, but I haven't taken any videos recently that haven't already been uploaded. What the hell is it uploading videos for (strike 4). There are no thumbnails or file names listed AT ALL to be able to tell what in the hell it thinks needs to be uploaded (strike 5). And the upload speed is HORRENDOUSLY slow (i,e, 8MB every 10 minutes), so the videos it is trying to upload again will take what appears to be about a week or two for each video before it ever even tries to get to the recent pictures that actually do need to be uploaded (strike 6). Further, the "remove" button doesn't even work at all when trying to cancel the uploading files (strike 7). To make matters worse, I check my camera roll on onedrive on my PC and find that there are photos from MONTHS back that have recently been uploaded again and now show up as recent images when sorted by date and show as duplicates when sorted by file name (strike 8).

    What is the deal with the auto picture backup on windows 10 mobile right now? Will this be fixed anytime soon? This is completely unusable as it is now and I will go back to 8.1 if they can't get this fixed right away.
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    11-25-2015 11:52 AM
  2. MP3Mike's Avatar
    I personally thought where they have the progress option is very easy to get to. If you have items currently in progress it shows up in the upper right corner of the main screen, but you can always get to it from the menu as well.

    I found that with the latest OneDrive app update that it works fairly well. The latest app update did go back through all of my pictures and uploading missing ones, as well as some duplicates that it didn't think had been uploaded. But once that was done it has worked fairly well for me.
    11-26-2015 01:51 PM
  3. EspHack's Avatar
    yea it was a PITA a few days ago, today I shot some videos/pics and they were on my pc a moment later, seems like more and more things become hit and miss with wp, when I go out using my 928 with 10586 I cant help but think "bugs bugs bugs, bugs everywhere" that's the common status of windows nowadays
    11-26-2015 03:12 PM

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