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    Hello everybody I was thinking of installing the new build on my Lumia 720 would like to hear your experience. Thanks
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    11-26-2015 01:44 AM
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    Hello everybody I was thinking of installing the new build on my Lumia 720 would like to hear your experience so that I can install the build.
    Can’t comment on the 720 specifically but have/had this build on my L830 and L1020, in saying that…

    My 830 got it pretty much straight away and although there were some issues it was working ok, that changed a few days ago when things started to deteriorate, read lots about this “deterioration phenomenon” but never experienced it firsthand until now, screen on occasion began to go blank (not frozen) which requires a restart, apps and general aspects of the OS are slowing down and becoming sluggish, notification sounds aren’t what was initially set (worked fine in beginning) and so on. Needless to say yesterday I reverted back to using my 1020 (W8.1) for stability reasons, pretty much assured I’ll be reverting back to W8.1 on this one too.

    As for my 1020, was working pretty decent on build 10581 and then it all fell apart after upgrading to 10586.11, a hard reset did not rectify any previous issues (sluggish, unresponsive and the list goes on), dumped W10M and went back to W8.1 and that is where it sits now.

    Going by my experiences and what I have read it is a crapshoot as to what you’ll end up with, seems apparent that same/similar devices can vary greatly on final outcome which is strange considering that the hardware in general is not massive (few) compared to PCs. The problem I’ve noticed with both platforms OSs (W10M/W10 PC) is that they are very inconsistent in the results they giveth, very poor implementation by MS in my opinion. Anyhow I’m a sliver away from walking the plank, just waiting on something to come along that suits my needs before going that route, W8.1 will have to suffice for the time being but at least it is stable and consistent even though it may lack a few of those “NEW” amenities.
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    11-26-2015 06:01 AM
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    720, its Nokia I think, maybe I'm wrong but seem MS devices working better with TP, l'm on L535, W10M10586.11, working perfect, 1-2 very minor issues.
    11-27-2015 09:51 AM
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    HI, overall my experience off W10M has been positive. (Lumia 730 dual sim, build 10586.1)

    One issue I have is that I can no longer voice dial from a bluetooth headset, have texts read to me (with my headset it would prompt me to say 'read it or ignore') and I cannot dictate text messages from the headset either (all of which worked with 8.1)

    A few other minor annoyances but overall good
    11-27-2015 01:31 PM

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