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  1. Lrac1's Avatar
    Say it ain't so??? Sorry Microsoft, I will be returning the 950xl if I can't have visual voicemail... Can't function in business without it... No WiFi calling ATT for windows phone??? What a let down and disappointment! If I'm wrong, someone please let me know, please... As I like the feel of the phone and can wait for other updates but...
    11-27-2015 02:14 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Hi and welcome to WindowsCentral.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with visual voicemail.

    Please take a look at this thread and see if it will help you.
    11-27-2015 02:18 AM
  3. Billy Cantor's Avatar
    Lrac1, did you move your SIM from another AT&T phone? Did it have Visual Voice Mail provisioned on its SIM card?

    AT&T Visual Voice Mail may not be available on the Lumia 950 XL (or unlocked Lumia 950) phones. This may be something that only comes pre-installed on carrier-locked AT&T phones.

    If anyone has been able to get Visual Voice Mail working on the Lumia 950 XL, please post here and let us know. It would be awesome to get VVM working on Lumia 950 XL and the Dual SIM phones.
    11-27-2015 02:49 AM
  4. Lrac1's Avatar
    Billy, yes I did move my sim from another ATT phone 📞. From my HTC 8 phone which is replacement from my broken 1520.

    What a bummer if this doesn't get resolved quickly... As this is a deal breaker for me as I'll have to return this phone. Unfortunately, I think this will be a huge problem with others...
    sleeve22 likes this.
    11-27-2015 08:37 AM
  5. moirane's Avatar
    Yea, I just got off of the phone with ATT and it's a device issue according to them. My 950 works fine but the XL had no VVM. hope it gets fixed soon
    11-27-2015 01:25 PM
  6. poddie's Avatar
    So wait... are people saying that the AT&T branded 950 supports visual voicemail? Mine doesn't seem to have it! I thought this must be something they are rolling out later...
    11-27-2015 01:35 PM
  7. don4law's Avatar
    I have an unlocked Lumia 950XL with T-Mobile as the carrier. There is no visual voice! There is an icon that simple calls the T-Mobile voice message center so you can retrieve your messages, but they do not display as visual voice on the phone, I had seen a thread on WPPoweruser from Oct. 10 showing a new visual voice interface for Windows 10 Mobile so thought it would be delivered. What's going on with this? A phone is unusable without. Isiap voice, especially for someone who uses it for business and receives tons of calls that need to be sorted, etc.? Is this on the near horizon. Or do I need to return the phone? This functionality is an absolute deal breaker.
    11-27-2015 03:15 PM
  8. MP3Mike's Avatar
    Windows 10 supports VVM, but it is up to your carrier to support it for your device. For example I have a T-Mobile 640 and VVM works fine on it in Windows 10.

    I have a unlocked 950 using a Ting SIM and there is no VVM, even though Ting uses T-Mobile. But Ting specifically says that they don't support VVM.

    Some people have said that Windows 10 doesn't support VVM on dual SIM devices, but I haven't seen anything official.
    11-27-2015 03:47 PM
  9. tai4de2's Avatar
    I've posted this numerous places and will do so again here: WP's built-in VVM is not supported on dual-SIM devices. Unless and until that changes, no amount of futzing will make it work.
    Try youmail. It makes an excellent substitute and there's a very good WP app for it.
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    11-27-2015 05:04 PM
  10. sleeve22's Avatar
    I've posted this numerous places and will do so again here: WP's built-in VVM is not supported on dual-SIM devices. Unless and until that changes, no amount of futzing will make it work.
    Try youmail. It makes an excellent substitute and there's a very good WP app for it.
    Yeah, I have also pointed this out numerous times and people still want to argue about it. I have had 3 dual-sim Lumias and they are the only Lumias I have ever owned that did not have the VVM option. I am sending back my unlocked 950 and will order an AT&T variant 950 because they are single-sim. Not sure why all unlocked 950/xls in the US from the MS Store are dual-sim. I only use dual-sim when traveling abroad so I am not interested in a daily driver being dual-sim.
    11-28-2015 01:09 PM
  11. michael weinstein's Avatar
    I have cricket wireless and a windows power user.... I also cannot get the Visual Voice mail...

    I am thinking of giving this phone back and ordering a 640 Lumia-- back to the past--Windows 8.1

    At least Visual VoiceMail works....!!!!!!!

    Does anyone have an APP for this?
    Last edited by michael weinstein; 12-08-2015 at 08:42 PM. Reason: unhappy with new 950XL LUMIA
    12-08-2015 08:35 PM
  12. tai4de2's Avatar
    Get a YouMail account. There's a good app in the store for it.
    12-09-2015 01:22 AM
  13. beameup50's Avatar
    For those that have not purchased a 950xl, there is a single sim 950xl (got mine via amazon) and visual voice mail does work on it with at&t.
    12-27-2015 01:30 AM

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