1. Steve Thackery's Avatar
    I'm sorry to moan, but I can't help but think: the glacial rate of new features, bug fixes and preview releases really does make me wonder whether Microsoft's heart is in W10M at all.

    For now I've reverted to WP8.1 because I really object to Microsoft's decision to make W10M look and feel like Android-with-live-tiles. However, I'm ever hopeful W10M will become something I can live with on my next phone, and am impatient for Microsoft to show us some action.

    But this is all taking SO long! Surely there can only be a handful of people working on W10M or we'd be seeing much more activity. I find this all very depressing, not least because I really don't want to end up back in the Android ecosphere, with it's clunky, prehistoric UI.

    Is it just me? Or are others beginning to feel a bit discouraged?
    11-28-2015 05:41 AM
  2. Mad Cabbie's Avatar
    I quite like the layout for W10M. For those who may or may not jump ship from other OS's would find the new layout very easy to negotiate, as a fair few would have W10 on PC's etc. 8.1 was good for us 'fanboys' (I hate that term), but you have to admit the setting layout wasn't even alphabetical! Who designed that????

    Yes, things have been slow on the development front, but when you have rolled out a 'free' upgrade to the world and his wife, resources are aimed at fixing issues on your biggest product. In that respect, we will always come second.

    IMHO, it appears to be taking so long for us as we have been offered the chance to take part in the development of 'our' OS. Personally, I suspect that Gabe is somewhat regretting the insider system for mobile. People are impatient, they feel they are missing out, we all want shiny new things and when it it takes time to get it right, they create merry hell.

    Once again, yes it has taken a while. W10 is the last software release by MSFT, where it will now be updated / enhanced over time. You can't alienate most of the planet for something that has 1.7% of market share.

    Finally, don't forget where we were a short time ago. Lots of talk about WP being killed off. Where would we go from there? We now have devices that 'could' rival those on scamdroid and the fruity brand. So, yes WP is dead. From the ashes rose W10M. From an enterprise point of view, it's a large step in the right direction for MSFT. Hang on tight though, it's still going to be a bumpy ride
    11-28-2015 07:59 AM
  3. angeredsmile's Avatar
    I jumped ship to to the lg v10 since they didn't bring the new phones to Verizon. I'm still following what they are doing and love windows phone but they are to slow. My lumia icon is sitting in my drawer.
    11-28-2015 08:51 AM
  4. Mad Cabbie's Avatar
    I jumped ship to to the lg v10 since they didn't bring the new phones to Verizon. I'm still following what they are doing and love windows phone but they are to slow. My lumia icon is sitting in my drawer.
    I used to cook roms for android, and to be honest, they are quicker at releasing stuff, but that is only to address the issues in the previous release. KitKat was an aabomination that broke apps 2 sd, memory leakage very poor, very glitchy, even on top end devices. Lollipop ended up going from 5.0 to 5.01 to 5.02 etc in no time due to issues. The material design was a battery killer with so many bright screens etc, and then within a short period, marshmallow arrives. I have no experience of the latest release, so can't pick holes in it. Don't get me wrong, in principle, android should be a great system but it has many issues and that is before OEM's fill the roms with shedloads of crap, which, as we all know, basically forces your hand into rooting. Unfortunately, certain OEM's, yes you Samdung, implement a security measure to put an end to that. I give you Knox. Flash a custom rom and then try and get warranty work!!

    So, having said all that, I'd rather wait, so that the OS is up to speed. I have a first gen one+1 and the only reason I keep it around is to run a totally vanilla android, which is acceptable, but I still have to dig around and find improvements, use xposed and run TWRP along with my incessant need to tinker ;)
    11-28-2015 02:09 PM
  5. slivy58's Avatar
    Is it just me? Or are others beginning to feel a bit discouraged?
    No it tis not just you, today I took the plunge and jumped ship as this whole WP thing was just getting tiresome, really wanted it to pan out but it just seems to be in a never ending boot-loop, reset, revert, reinstall, retry and so on... Still have my 1020/830 to play with but that'll be about the extent of it.
    11-28-2015 05:44 PM
  6. Cruachan 11's Avatar
    I'm sure their heart is in it, given the "mobile first, cloud first" strategy they keep going on about. I suspect that the commitment to upgrade all existing devices has hurt the development more than they'd like, as we're seeing (on these forums at least) wildly different experiences for insiders, sometimes on the same devices. Also the main priority must have been (IMO) getting stable release builds for the 950/XL and the 550 over pre-release builds for the insiders, who are (in global terms) a small minority.

    I have an Android tablet (Nexus 7 2nd gen) and I much prefer WM over Android, but WM doesn't have the apps for a purely entertainment device like a tablet (the way I use it) whereas my phone is more for business use and doesn't have or need many apps. The security and platform fragmentation in Android is scary - I'd never buy a non-Google device given how far behind some of them are.
    11-29-2015 06:50 AM

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