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    This is more of a social comment than a question. Windows 10 defaults to showing MSN news in the Start menu, and also when the Edge browser starts. I've found that the news displayed is little more than a constant stream of the most shocking murders, rapes, maiming, assaults, and other heinous misdeeds found online.

    How depressing. Isn't using Windows 10 intended to inspire, uplift users, and empower mankind? I know such things exist in the world, but I don't particularly want to be reminded of the most disgusting and repugnant parts of human society every time I click Start or open a web browser. And I don't want anyone else (like my wife or young son) to see such things on my screen either.

    I disabled and removed the News tile on the Start menu, and Edge has a setting to change the default page when opening a new browser window or tab (though it doesn't seem to remember the new settings given).

    So sure, I can customise my Start menu and use a different web browser, and do the same for the family and friends for whom I typically technical support, but it seems a little crazy to have such a default setting. As many people never bother to change the default settings, I wonder how much of a negative impact this will have on the collective consciousness of Windows users and society in general. A better default might be show something objective and neutral, such as the local time, weather, a Bing image, or even just a blank page.

    If you're running Windows 10 and feel the same way, type "Windows Feedback" into the Start search bar to run the Windows Feedback application and let Microsoft know under the following categories:

    - Microsoft Edge and IE > Microsoft Edge Start and New Tab Pages
    - [B]Start [/B ]> Tiles
    11-30-2015 06:02 PM

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