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    I'm sitting down at my computer working on some paperwork, and I use Excel and Edge to accomplish this. Edge while it lacks a lot of functions I'm accustomed to in Explorer, at least works. Likewise, every iteration of Excel seems to be better in some way than the previous. There generally are not a lot of problems or work arounds you have to engage to complete a task. Sure there are things consumers don't like, like eliminating the file button and the initial implementation of ribbons. But ultimately those were refined and improved. Either way all of the software functions correctly.

    Compare that to the way Windows mobile is treated. It is always in beta. I didn't start using Windows Phone until 7 on an HTC Trophy. I liked it because it was more stable. It didn't even have copy and paste back then. Slowly it was refined until it was a reasonable offering, but lacking apps. A couple years after Windows phone was almost entirely abandoned, Nokia started releasing some cool phones with WP7. Almost immediately, Microsoft released WP8 and made all of those WP7 phones ineligible for upgrade. Sure it had its reasons, but it still sucked. It would be like telling PC users they couldn't update their computers to W10 and all future software would not function on the older computers.

    Then WP8 had problems that didn't exist in WP7. Some involved transitions to less functional software like Zune to Xbox Music to Groove. Each time providing a worse experience as software was developed ground up. Normally instability was not an issue. Now with WM10, there are a lot of functional problems, glitches, etc. The promise is that things will improve, but it all starts from this ground up approach, starting from scratch. Sure some stuff improves, but a lot of stuff gets worse.

    Using Excel, I can't help but wonder, what if Microsoft did a ground up approach every time with Office. Like Office crashed in the middle of making a document or forced a reboot without saving your work. Or Office would work okay as long as you changed your default save location to C:/User%App%Data.1382. Or that you had to uninstall and reinstall Office after a fresh install because it helped to clean the cache and make it more stable. Or to get Office to have access to the internet you had to call your internet provider, provide them with a key for Google documents and get them to enable it that way.

    Really, I would not even use that software. I would consider that terrible software. Especially when Office is the front runner and doing a phenomenal job of stable, slow progress.

    Windows Mobile needs to take a lesson from Office. Not from Arkham Knights where you release faulty software, try to patch it, withdraw it, release more faulty software, pull it again...
    11-30-2015 07:33 PM
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    obviously office is serious software, if it cant get work done it gets fired, simple as that, oh yea I would love a world where Microsoft treats all its software that way, but that's not profitable for them in the way they want, so this is what we have, my computer last night decided to not hibernate and after restarting like 10 times and checking & fixing "disk c" errors it worked, but I noticed the camera roll folder on onedrive was corrupted but then fixed and fully working, now the "photos" app crashes as soon as you click it, no error message no logs no nothing, at best we now have the "something happened" message, which is a really bad joke on us if you ask me, I would definitely want someone responsible fired for this, I know I would be fired if I crippled the experience of someone at the company, so a little bit of justice would be great to see here
    11-30-2015 08:00 PM
  3. cracgor's Avatar
    Software and hardware really has to work to stay relevant.

    I think that is what has happened to windows phone. 97% of the population in the states at least feels like it doesn't work, and so they fired it. App developers will never care about windows until there is a reasonable number of users to support. If 50% of WM users are on an app, it is the same as 2% of Android users or 10% of iPhone users. Basically to be relevant to developers, we all have to use every app.
    11-30-2015 08:13 PM

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