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    Being new to Windows Phone, and of course to Windows 10 Mobile, I'd like to ask the community to share their positive experiences with the OS. I am slowly making my way along the learning curve and would like to acquire more knowledge about the strong points. From my own experiences thus far through my 950 xl I am enjoying this refreshing change and find it easy to use, light, and responsive. While some things are a concern (battery life, random reboots) I expecting these hick-ups and see them for what they are, hick-ups. Being a new Device with a new OS, how could one not?

    Back to business:

    What are some of the more crucial apps, reliable and stable, and must haves for a better Windows Mobile experience? Any recommendations for what Apps to avoid/remove?
    How quickly do various Micro SD cards transfer and act with your phone?
    Wi-fi connectivity, stablity, and APN fine tuning?
    Media players both audio and video?
    What works best for 'on device' storage management?


    Has anyone immersed themselves into the Continuum experience yet? How does it perform?

    A big "Thank you!" to all in advance for your patience and responses.
    12-01-2015 07:47 PM

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