1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    I want to upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10. My c drive size is 50 gb. currently i have 10 gb free space in my c drive. Will I be able to upgade to windows 10?
    12-01-2015 10:44 PM
  2. Carlos002's Avatar
    Sure, keep in mind a clean up would help the system run smoother! But I'm pretty sure you can updrade easily!
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    12-01-2015 11:12 PM
  3. zzzkaushal's Avatar
    and also don't forget to system disk clean up and drive optimization after your upgrade and plsss try to update through media creation tool it's way easier and better
    12-02-2015 01:12 AM
  4. orlbuckeye's Avatar
    Here is a note from the Windows 10 Specifications:

    Small storage devices, like devices with 32GB hard drives or older devices with full hard drives, may need additional storage to complete the upgrade. You'll see instructions during the upgrade telling you what to do. You may need to either remove unneeded files from your device, or insert a USB flash drive to complete the upgrade.
    12-02-2015 02:50 PM
  5. jemanji's Avatar
    I think you have to wait until you got more storage on your c drive or upgrade your hard drive first.
    12-02-2015 04:09 PM
  6. abivaanenopi's Avatar
    I just updated sony vaio laptop from 7 pro to 10 pro. Works fine and you can clean your system afterwards from old stuff. Just keep in mind that you cant go back to win7 after cleaning the system.
    12-03-2015 04:14 PM

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