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    there are at least three win 10 apps for viewing photos. Since they are all Microsoft products, they should all have a common and consistent configuration for displaying the photos but they don't. If you have an average photo (Histogram shows a big hump in the middle) you might not notice as much, but if you have a high-key or low-key photo (Histogram shows a hump displaced to the right or the left) you'll notice it more.

    Anyway, "Windows Photo Viewer" displays pictures on the dark side. If you have a low-key photo, your shadows will turn into a black mass with no detail at all, even though the detail is there.

    The "photos" app on the other hand displays photos on the light side, with lower contrast and less saturation. The nasty thing is, if you click on the pencil to edit, the gamma changes EVEN THOUGH YOU DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES. As soon as you click the pencil to get the edit menu, the picture will suddenly be darker, more contrasty, and more saturated, even though you haven't even started editing. Then if you close the edit menu, without making any changes, it will suddenly revert back to a lighter, less contrasty, less saturated display configuration again. Again, this is easier to see if you have a high-key or low-key photograph, since any slight changes are magnified in shadow detail or highlight details. Also if you have gigantic files from dreadnaughts like the D810 or A7r's, it may take three or four seconds before the gamma changes.

    The Microsoft Office Picture Manager is somewhat in between.

    I believe the "photos" app is the default photo viewer for most common formats. At least that's what it was when I upgraded to win 10.

    The frustrating thing is you work in photoshop to get your pictures spot on, but they look considerably different when displayed by these viewers. The "photos" app is particularly bad, and it's the default. I don't think it was so bad in 8.1, but I'm not reverting just to check. It was headache enough to upgrade. The "photos" app is also particularly horrible, because it is not WSYIWYG. It gives you different gamma/contrast/saturation when you edit, then changes back again when you leave edit.
    12-02-2015 01:28 PM

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