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    Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160

    My laptop was dropped last year. The power wouldn't turn on, so had to have hard drive pulled and put it back in. It could've been the cause of the Wi-Fi issues due to possible adapter damage. It's hard to say because I only had one problem on 8.1, and the dropping issues started when I installed Windows 10. I wasn't sure about other networks.

    Issues on 8.1:
    • Little to none
    • Had to downgrade the adapter version because the service wouldn't start on startup, Wi-Fi worked and stayed connected after that

    Issues on 10:
    • Constant dropping of WiFi at random times
    • Sometimes doesn't let me reconnect and takes a while to reconnect
    • Sometimes takes a while for home network or any other networks to reappear
    • Did not connect on startup, had to do it manually (yes, the box was checked)
    • Did not connect when coming out of sleep mode (changed every setting I can, so it would stop doing that)

    Issues on the newest version of 10:
    • Same or less issues on 10
    • I think the reconnecting issue was a less of a problem, I can't remember

    I read up on some changing wireless settings and switched channels. Ever since I've switched my wireless settings from channel 1 to 6, the Wi-Fi signal strength (in my room at least) seems to have increased (3-4 bars, used to be 1-2) and doesn't drop as much. However, my Lumia 640 is only getting one bar and doesn't get randomly disconnected, so this is most likely my adapter acting up due to the hardware damage or Windows 10 messing up my adapter and its connection with my home network. I've also noticed that it still says connected to the Wi-Fi after sleep mode (like it used to in 8.1). I've tried channel 11, and it still had some issues with it dropping randomly and low signal strength in my room.

    Just wanted to share.
    12-02-2015 10:41 PM

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