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    Many people are whining a lot about microsoft lumia 950. There is too much complaints about microsofts new flagships , like : Design is very bad, feels cheap in hand, display quality is not impressive, not usable as daily driver, battery life is bad, windows hello is not that good compared to fingerprint seesor etc.
    But i know none of the complaints are true. These scenarios are created by trollers or haters.

    The design is not impressive but it's clear and above genarell . I know it's a flagship device but you need know the fact also that design is not everything for a device. 950 not feels cheap in hand. And compare it's price with HTC ONE M9, LG G4, GALAXY S6, IPHONE 6xx, and SONY XZ5. 950 packs an impressive Display. It includes one of the most accurate smartphone display. Fingerprint is nothing ahead of windows hello - iris recognition ! Compare Fingerprint and iris scanning side by side and see the bigger picture ! And i get 12-24 hours of batterty life.
    My main problem is the OS. The OS is 75% complete. It needs a big polishing update asap. But i can get my job done with it.
    I see everywhere complaints and complaints.
    But what about stunning display, impressive camera ? ? ?? ? ? What about continnum : a pc grade experience , USB 3.1 ( except speed limits ) - fast charging ? ? ? ? What about iris recognition ( still on early stages ) ??? What about liquid cooling , micro sd card expansion support , dedicated camera button ? ? ? ? ?

    Firstly use your device for atleast 15-30 days, learn everything about new OS and then give complaints. And remember it's first microsofts flagship device , it's just the starting of innovation ! ! ! And at last , please compare it's price with other high end flagships. Read this review on gsmarena below. They are telling exatly some of my feelings !
    12-03-2015 08:04 AM
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    12-03-2015 08:35 AM
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    12-03-2015 08:36 AM

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