1. thepolicecall911fordetails's Avatar
    The most recent update has caused complete havoc on my PC. I suddenly get these random messages that there are viruses detected from Windows Defender. I have Bitdefender and Real Core Security, so I don't understand why it keeps turning on to give me false positives.

    Chrome doesn't work at all, I cannot uninstall it nor use it. I keep getting proxy errors, security certificate errors, and "webpage not available" errors and all the built in troubleshooting is bugged. Windows keeps giving me a fail to start on Chrome uninstalling.

    Steam is completely glitched and corrupted. Windows is treating it as a malicious file and promptly messed with the repair process after the update, rendering the program useless.

    I scanned my PC with about 3 different scanners (Emisoft, Bitdefender, Herdprotect) and a (Avira) bootable scanner to remove any "viruses" that Win Defender was claiming. None were found...

    What the heck is happening? I am again stuck with a dying PC after fixing it 5 months ago DUE TO THE VERY SAME PROBLEM WITH AN UPDATE!!

    And this is before finals, I NEED MY PC BACK UP AND RUNNING...

    Thanks :P
    12-05-2015 03:26 PM
  2. thepolicecall911fordetails's Avatar
    Update: Skype and my World of Warships now stopped working....

    I honestly have no idea what is causing this and I cannot seem to repair it....
    12-05-2015 04:06 PM

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