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    Guys, need some feedbacks on my problem I'm facing right now on my WINDOWS 10 PRO:

    - I joined Insider program in Nov,'14 to get a taste of developemental version's upcoming features of Windows 10 Tech Preview.

    - My Tech preview got updated on 29th Jul,'15 during first worldwide release of Windows 10 public release!!

    - In Sept,'15 , (I was running my PC as dual boot ie, Ubuntu 10.14 & Win 10 Tech preview both). As I got the Full public version of Win 10 Pro so I tried to remove the Linux OS. But, during removing Linux OS I encountered "disc.img missing" with bluescreen issue. I had to completely format my PC with brand new partitions. I then did clean install of the WIN 10 PRO taking the Disk image from the Microsoft website.

    - To activate my newly installed Win 10 Pro, I contacted Windows Answer Desk & after a dozen of logical Q&A the person activated my PC via remote access.

    - On yesterday (7th Dec,'15) after auto updation of my PC with the Nov build 10586, I again lost the activation. I was hoping post updation after restarting the PC & connecting the internet my new build windows will get activated intelligently!! But, sadly it didn't.

    - I tried manually entering the product code (which I noted down & saved when the Windows executive guy was activating my PC via remote access). Still no luck !! [Error code: 0xC004C003]

    - Twice, I did chats with the Answer Desk & they were simply chanting the same line "You need to purchase the new key to activate your windows"

    - Interestingly, they said no logs are available of my previous contacts to Answer Desk for activation!! Even no logs are present for me in the Answer Desk person I named!! Ohh one more thing, on the release code I mentioned they said it was "abused" ie, used on multiple devices!! So, now that code is blocked!! Interestingly, they said this for their own uniquely generated product key...woww!! How can that be possible when all windows activations go through windows online servers only at present??

    - After couple of hours of exhausting useless chit-chats with the Answer Desk, with little hope I just rolled back my PC to the earlier build & saved my PC from Deactivation!!!!!!!!

    Now, need your views guys, what was this all responses from Microsoft suggests ? Now, should I avoid updating my Windows 10 from now on Or any other precautionary steps I should take to prevent from such kind of deactivation issue!!

    Thank you!!
    12-08-2015 03:02 AM
  2. beardicorn's Avatar
    It sounds like your W10P disc.img was incorporated with the Linux portion. Did you partition the HD prior to W10P install? Or did you have Linux 1st and installed W10P from Linux?

    12-18-2015 11:50 AM

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