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    Brand new Lumia 950 XL and going through the Skype Setup process in the Messaging app is throwing the error code described in the title each time. It sits on "Just a moment..." for a few seconds followed by the error each time I try and run the setup.

    I'm running the latest build 10586.29 (released today, 8/12/15), I have not configured it for Insider builds, it was setup as a new device did not restore anything from a backup.

    I have the same problem on a Lumia 635 which is configured for Fast ring, I figured if I hard reset it would likely work, however going from setup of a brand new device and getting the same error makes me think its Microsoft's side. I can use the Skype app normally which is connected to my Microsoft account.

    I also have a Lumia 925 which did setup Skype without problems sometime ago in the Insider Programme.

    I have tried going through the process on a different WiFI connections, 4G etc. Nothing works.

    Any ideas?
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    So I did a little investigating, the error code in relation to Windows 10 Mobile appears to be very thin on the ground in terms of useful help related information.

    However, it appears if you open the "Skype Video" app (Not the Skype one) tap the ellipsis (...) and go to Settings and check "Use my address book", this will enable at least some of the functionality in the Messaging app that the "Skype Setup" part is meant to do. Interestingly the Setup option in the Skype Video app itself throws exactly the error.
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    I can't get it to work still. The more I use it the more things I find buggy like this. I wish they would hurry up and release an update to fix all the obvious bugs.
    12-25-2015 11:58 AM
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    Indeed. I upgraded my Dell XPS 9530 laptop to Windows 10 recently and this error is also apparent on the desktop! Yay.

    I leads me to think that its somehow related to my MSA (Microsoft Account), as this error is occurring on multiple Windows 10 devices that are all uniquely different in terms of hardware but all attached to the same account. I'm putting this down to something on Microsoft's side, but that's just a logical guess.

    Its not an isolated error code, there are several articles about it on Microsoft Answers, Skype Community forum and other random blogs/forums.

    "currently unavailable" in video app - Skype Community

    Unfortunately no official word from Microsoft on a solution however. Contacting support has been a total PITA, as no one seems to understand/acknowledge the issue properly.

    All I know is I can't use the phone integration on my Windows 10 PC currently because of this error and Skype not being fully configured on any of my Windows 10 Lumia devices.
    12-28-2015 02:37 PM

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