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    I noticed that Windows 10 is NOT geared for tablets and is a huge battery hog. My tablet wont make it through the day anymore even in standby mode. So I find myself tether to the wall charger all the time now. But my battery never charges! It only drops and when I view the battery percentage it says next to it "Not charging" even though it shows the symbol for external power. Awesome. The only way to truly charge it now is to completely shut it down and plug it in, and sometimes it doesn't even fully charge overnight. It doesn't matter what power adapter I use or cord. I used to get two or more days on the battery with W8.1. I've checked the CPU and nothing really stands out as hogging the processing power. I think it's just W10 in general but I still don't understand why it won't charge while it's plugged in and I'm using it.
    12-08-2015 08:58 PM

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