1. Snoke's Avatar
    I am very interested in using continuum and see its limits over the next few months. Plan to use as much as possible in different situations. Work office, meetings, travel, home (for work and pleasure). I would like to know what would be the best portable keyboard to use during this time. I want to give continuum the best chance to work and replace my laptop in as many situations as possible. I understand it won't replace my laptop (Surface Book) today in all situations. But it could certainly do so in some, and in the future - who knows.
    12-22-2015 08:30 AM
  2. Indistinguishable's Avatar
    I think that any high quality BlueTooth keyboard would do the trick pretty well.

    Might want to check out Microsoft's foldable Universal Keyboard: Buy Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard - Microsoft Store

    Here's the Windows Central review: Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard Review | Windows Central
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    12-22-2015 08:37 AM
  3. apinkel's Avatar
    I haven't bought this yet but this folding keyboard (Note: keys are not full sized) is the one I've been looking at buying eventually:

    If you need full sized keys this one is very similar to a PDA keyboard I used a number of years ago, at the time it was a surprisingly good keyboard, can't vouch for the current iteration of it though:
    Amazon.com: E-MoreŽ Full-sized GK308E Portable Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard For IOS Phone Pad Windows Android Symbian Tablet /Smartphone/Computer: Computers & Accessories
    12-22-2015 12:15 PM
  4. Alexander Long's Avatar
    I like using the Logitech keyboard k380/480 which can switch between three devices plus you can also put your phone on the slot(only for k480).
    12-25-2015 04:48 PM
  5. lrn2board's Avatar
    I use the keyboard Indistinguishable was referring too with the foldable BT mouse Microsoft also have and it's great! They both fit in my coat pocket with no bulge and they can connect to my phone while using continuum!
    I think that any high quality BlueTooth keyboard would do the trick pretty well.

    Might want to check out Microsoft's foldable Universal Keyboard: Buy Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard - Microsoft Store

    Here's the Windows Central review: Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard Review | Windows Central
    01-07-2016 11:04 AM
  6. rory753's Avatar
    I've been using continuum(not actively, but off and on) with 2 different setups. the first is a msft wedge keyboard and a arc touch mouse(all bluetooth), and the second is surface type keyboard with a bluetooth adapter. between the 2, I like using a keyboard with a trackpad, since i can't always guarantee I'll have a stable surface, and using the phone as a trackpad is sort of annoying.

    I'm currently looking at this:


    i like the idea of having the touchpad in front of the keyboard, but this isn't all that portable compared to some of the folding keyboard, but i think they're much more usable. its also entirely possible to have a travel foldable keyboard and a home bluetooth keyboard (or usb for that matter). the possibilities are endless!
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    01-08-2016 01:25 PM
  7. JRDEMASKUS's Avatar
    I am using a several year old Microsoft Wedge BT keyboard. Been using it for multiple Windows and Android devices, effortlessly.
    I think we change the batteries once a year? But it is not heavily used.
    Looks nice, keys feel good, has a firm cover I use as a base to keep the keyboard from rocking on the table as I type, but the cover can be used as a phone stand too.
    It is easy to put on my lap, or the arm of my "easy chair", powers itself off when not in use. Is small and compact, with normal(?) size keys, function keys, cursor and other keys.
    Basically, if you are looking at MS products, you will probably be happy.
    01-11-2016 06:37 PM
  8. ZENITH601's Avatar
    I went with a MS Universal Mobile Keyboard and I'm quite happy with it.

    - Usable on the couch/bed (since it's rigid)
    - typing experience is quite good
    - the cover can be used as a mouse support/pad if necessary
    - the cover provides a usable stand if you have no access to Continuum and want to use your phone screen (or to use with Android/iOS devices)
    - USB charging, no batteries to replace

    - It's compact, but not like the MS foldable keyboard
    - No integrated touchpad
    - USB charging can be convenient, but means to have another device to keep charging
    01-11-2016 11:49 PM
  9. msirapian's Avatar
    I use this : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Foldable-Blu...pUvbUpU3384259

    The build quality is really great, I've used it many time on my lap (impossible with Microsoft's foldable keyboard) plus the provided case can be used as a stand.

    And it's correctly priced, unlike Microsoft's keyboard :/
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    01-22-2016 08:11 AM
  10. CoachLinton's Avatar
    Has anyone had any experience with using the Wireless Adapter for the Touch and Type covers for the Surface?

    I've thought about getting it since when I travel I usually have my Surface with me. Plus, for me, the Type covers are light and have been durable.
    02-03-2016 03:06 PM
  11. rory753's Avatar
    it works well, and i recommend it. what i like about it, is you can gain some separation, and have the adapter part flip under and prop the keyboard up at an angle. some people have complained about the battery life, but i have found it's battery life acceptable.

    of course. now adays you can get a full bt keyboard meant specifically for the surface:
    surface pro 3:
    Robot Check

    surface 3:
    Robot Check

    I will in no way vouch for their reliability, however.
    02-03-2016 04:05 PM

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