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    Cortana is really ******* me off, these days.

    Whenever I try to call Home, via Bluetooth, she loses her mind. First of all "Home" is set up with only one phone number. But, when I say "call home", she comes back at me with 'call Home, Home, is that right?'. OK, so first issue, why does she need to qualify the number when there is only one? Alright, it's a 'feature', but the next issue is the one that really gets me going.

    So, as I said, she says 'call Home, Home, is that right?'. And, I reply 'Yes'. Then, she comes back and asks, again, and I reply 'Yes'. No sir, not gonna do it. She says ' I didn't quite get that' and we go around one more time at which point she gives up.

    OK, maybe a BT issue. So, when I get to the gym, I park the car and whip out my phone so I can see what's going on. To cut to the chase, I see 'listening' and when I reply and I say 'yes', it displays on the phone, each time, right there, staring back at me, so what the hell? The phone is, clearly hearing my response but she isn't .

    Anyone else getting this? I'm on a 920 using 10....39.

    01-04-2016 06:13 PM

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