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    Hi everyone. I've just started using MS devices (Lumia 640XL)/software (Windows 10 on Bootcamp) again one week ago. Last time I used anything MS it was when XP was still mid way through its life cycle. These are a few things I just can't find answers to by googling or looking through here. Thanks in advance!

    BTW - I'm running the latest .36 on my phone in case that matters.

    On Windows 10 mobile - the store for purchasing apps - if I purchase one, do I get a free copy for Windows 10 on my computer?

    - If I do get a free copy for Windows 10 desktop - if I make in-app purchases on my phone do they transfer to the app on the computer too?

    On Windows 10 mobile - is there any way to delete, or clear your saved game files for particular games you have installed on phone?

    On Windows 10 mobile - is there a way to set up a lock screen widget - or live tile - or from the top pull down bar - that will mute the phone quickly?

    On Windows 10 mobile - Is there a way to hide or remove apps I have downloaded, which I will never want to see again?

    On Windows 10 mobile - Can you make any live tiles like on/off buttons? For example you have an alarm on a tile - you press it and it say lights up to show it is active, and if you press the tile again it greys out to show it is inactive? Instead of pressing the tile and it opens the app.

    I think this is everything :)

    Thanks for your help.
    01-07-2016 12:17 AM
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    If you use cortana you'll get a quiet hours button on the drop down menu check the forums for info on cortana if you need help.
    Hard press any apps on the ap lost and you'll get an uninstall option.
    Check the store for alam apps as im su re I've seen this live button option on a store alarm app.
    01-07-2016 12:40 AM
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    Hello, welcome back to the Windows ecosystem! I'll go right away to answering your questions:

    1) It depends on the app. App developers have a choice of whether or not to allow you to get the app for free on another type of device when you buy it from one (like getting a free copy on your PC if you already bought it on your phone). Plague, Inc. is one app/game that you can purchase once. Minecraft: Windows 10 Beta is not like that. I suggest you buy the app from the device that you will mostly use it from and if you get a free copy on your other device, then treat it like it's free lunch.

    2) From what I understand, the answer is yes. In-app purchase records are saved like your app purchases so if you have a copy of the app on both devices, they should both have the in-app purchase.

    3) I'm not so sure if there is a way to do that. I know you can delete back-ups of app data from OneDrive, but that would delete app data for every app installed on your device.

    4) There are no widgets and live tiles cannot be pinned on the lock screen. If you're looking to mute the phone, what I do is press the Sleep/Power button to activate the screen, press Volume Up/Down and the notification centre will open with a scroller for the volume. There are two volume controls (for ringer and for apps/media) when a headphone is not connected, and one when there is.

    5) There is an option to uninstall. On your Start Screen (the one with the live tiles) you can swipe to the left to see all of your installed apps. Hint: the letter headers can be clicked and it gives you a shortcut to jump to a certain letter if you're looking for a specific app. Long press on the app's entry on that list and tap "uninstall". If you're asking about the Windows Store for Windows 10, I don't think there's a way to remove an app from your history of acquired apps.

    6) Unfortunately, no. They're Live Tiles because they show information, but they're not interactive. I hope it becomes something like that one day, though! As of this time, the Alarms app shows a black circle with a bell when there is at least one active alarm.
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    01-07-2016 12:51 AM
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    If you use cortana you'll get a quiet hours button on the drop down menu check the forums for info on cortana if you need help.
    Thanks I have never used Cortana so I'll check it out!
    01-07-2016 03:33 PM
  5. mcgilli's Avatar
    ASYL15 - Thank you. I'm glad I posted here. Thanks for taking your time to answer my question :)
    01-07-2016 03:34 PM

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