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    I am trying to understand how wireless continuum works and this may be a really stupid question but I cant seem to wrap my head around it. When I go into the Continuum app it says to connect with two options wired dock and wireless adapter. When I check on wireless adapter it says to "plug your dock into your TV or monitor, then tap connect". The picture implies that this is the display dock sending out a signal back and forth to the phone. So I tried this but it didn't work. I heard about using miracast for wireless continuum but then why would you need to plug your TV or monitor into the dock if you are using miracast? My understanding is that wireless continuum works without the need for the display dock period. Or is the "dock" they are referring to not the display dock. It's kind of confusing because the app implies you can connect your phone to the dock (the display dock) for wired continuum or you can use it (same display dock) wirelessly for continuum.
    01-07-2016 10:16 AM
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    If you want to connect wirelessly, you need a Miracast dongle that connects to your TV or monitor. The display dock is then NOT required if you decide to use continuum wirelessly. You would then connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to your phone to use those peripherals.

    I think you're reading into the images too much, but I do agree that the wording from the app isn't the greatest. They're probably using "dock" as a general word referring to your wireless dock (ie. Miracast dongle) and wired dock (ie. display dock).

    More info here too: Microsoft releases new Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile video, highlights dock and wireless ? WinBeta
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    01-07-2016 01:56 PM
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    Fooled me too. One of the first things I tried when I got my Dock was the wireless connection. There isn't one. :)
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    01-07-2016 02:33 PM
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    Ok thanks I ca
    01-07-2016 04:10 PM

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