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    So was running the WinMo 10 .36 just to test it out and purchased some in app purchases for a game.

    I used the computer to reset my 640xl to Win 8.1 today and all is good.

    All good, but in 8.1 the store didn't show me as ever downloading the game with the in app purchases that I bought in WinMo 10, although it showed all my other downloads.

    I downloaded the game in 8.1, run it - and it's not recognizing that I paid and wants me to purchase the in app purchases again.

    I'm new to MS ecosystem as of a week ago - so -

    If you buy in app purchases in WinMo 10 - are they backwards compatible with WinMo 8.1?

    01-11-2016 01:36 AM

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