1. altaranenco's Avatar
    I using Nokia 1520 with WP10586.63
    I do not get some SMS messages. Most SMS come to me normally. I also can send messages without problems. But SMS from my 2 bank accounts did not come to the my phone. They also do not restore from backup, when I transfer data between 920 and 1520.
    If I rearrange my SIM card back to Nokia 920 (WP8.1), all new SMS come to phone normally.
    Has anyone else encountered this problem?
    01-14-2016 05:48 PM
  2. Davide Carozza's Avatar
    Yes, I have missed some SMS and some MMS on my Lumia 640. Can't see any rhyme or reason why.
    01-14-2016 06:30 PM
  3. Hrvi Veci's Avatar
    Yes it looks like Lumia cannot recive SMS with alfanumeric sender i.e. if sender is i.e.: Best_bank
    this SMS will nor reach you.
    Real truth is: it will reach you but it wont be shown on mobile.
    This is old story with windows phones, windows doesnt know how to handle "_" !
    01-26-2016 07:46 AM
  4. Guzzler3's Avatar
    Last week I ran into the same issue, but with normal people that I text with. They either wouldn't show up at all, or be delayed by 12 hours (more often they just didn't come in). I got really frustrated with it and reset my phone back to 8.1 because I use SMS/MMS the most now. When I got 8.1 back on, during the restore, I didn't have ANY SMS/MMS that were sent/received for 2 week prior. I even found an app for my desktop that could retrieve all my texts that are backed up on MS servers, and sure enough I was still missing those texts. I remember explicitly verifying before I reset that Backup messages was turned ON.

    Granted, this was with a old Lumia 810 that's over 3 years old that I finally upgraded to W10 (poor thing is still on Amber firmware). I thought it was just the poor phone, but now... not so after reading the above.
    01-26-2016 09:44 AM
  5. latempete's Avatar
    I have been missing a lot too. Lumia 950 on AT&T. Is this isolated? It's making me very angry. I also get random reboots (pretty much daily) and some VMs don't show up unless I reboot.
    01-31-2016 01:01 PM

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