1. shamrock1988's Avatar
    Hey guys.

    I'm having issues updating my phone.

    It needs more space for the update but I cannot free up anymore space. No photos, videos, apps left on it, all moved to sd.

    Any advice?
    01-16-2016 07:08 PM
  2. Rugish Dapeca's Avatar
    Now that you've moved everything you can to the SD, you may want to consider doing a hard reset and not restoring from backup. That should, theoretically, give you enough space to do the update. If not, then you may have to use the Storage tool to uninstall a few other apps to make room. I always recommend that you do the hard reset before attempting the update to get as much free space as you can. And then do a second hard reset afterwards to clear out any stray files from the old OS version.
    01-17-2016 11:08 AM

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