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    Microsoft Mobile have a great power in term of its tiles. like when we get a little option on tile .....for example...

    1. In music app tile have a function to play, pause on its live tile and when we slide the finger on its tile in downward then music change from previous to next and when we move our finger to upward then its play previous music.
    2. In messaging app tile we have slide a finger on its tile then it slides between the different messages.
    3 . In photo app tile shows different photo when sliding a finger on its tile..
    4. video app shows a video on tile if we want to see otherwise its stop ...means according to our condition its work...
    5. In Calendar app when we slide our finger on its tile it shows next date events and when we slide downward our finger its shows previous date events.

    means most of the work is done by its tile without opening app...
    i know its difficult to implement but the competition of microsoft with android and ios is also not easy.......even ios also provided 3d icons.........so microsoft have bigger then that its have a tile where lots of work is implement.
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    01-17-2016 06:51 AM

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