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    Some of the products that came out of CES made me go, "Hmmm," when thinking devices in general, especially at the sight of 'docks' that can hold GPU cards. Laptops from some companies can take advantage of external GPUs plugged through Thunderbolt to drive their displays instead of the integrated graphics inside the hardware. It's not too big a leap to imagine all sorts of devices like phones/tablets/ultrabooks to plug into docks like these using Thunderbolt/USB-C and take advantage of resources/power that the original hardware does not have. I envision 'expensive' docks at the start that augment devices with much more powerful CPUs/GPUs/RAM/Input/Ports that are compatible with devices like Continuum-enabled Phones and Small Tablets, Surfaces, MacBook Airs, iPads, and other Ultrabooks and devices that support USB-C/Thunderbolt. On the Windows end, that would enable Continuum devices to become good-enough, if not powerful, devices that can do the processing of traditional computers.

    Of course, I think there's an incentive for hardware makers to make docks that only work with their hardware. But it could be a good way, in the short term if not long term, to actually have the power of a traditional PC when you need it.

    01-18-2016 06:52 PM

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