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    Microsoft says now that the person is the hub, not the PC. I think that's true, but the technology is not there.

    Here's a dream of mine. I get in my car with my Windows Phone. Thru Bluetooth/Mira Cast/Continuum or something, my infotainment center sees my apps and settings for vehicle mode. On the car's screen all the apps I've selected to be available there, with my settings/music/files/maps/etc available.

    If Microsoft is listening, I've got a bunch of ideas like this that would make Microsoft the platform/service, and devices just work for me.

    As it stands right now. If I'm on my phone and a Cortana reminder comes up, I can 'Complete' it. Then go home and it's sitting on my desktop at home, reminding me. Later when I turn on my tablet, there it is again.
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    01-29-2016 10:26 AM
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    The technology is there, but it's not implemented yet in current hardware. The Gadgets app on Windows 10 can detect and launch an app when a certain gadget (Bluetooth or wired) is connected. It wouldn't be too big a stretch for there to be a Car-tinuum view that's optimized for a car infotainment screen and speakers--once Miracast or DisplayPort-over-USB is supported in car--and that turns on once it's connected either wired or wirelessly.

    The major hurdle might be not necessarily the tech but the safety concerns to have a helpful Windows-based Car system that doesn't distract. Windows Phone does have a Driving Mode; it would/could simply expand on those features that already exist.
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    01-29-2016 05:27 PM

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