1. Warren Leggatt's Avatar
    I thought I would see how widespread this issue was or if anyone has found a solution. This relates to the outlook.com calendar and the Win 10/Win phone 10 calendar apps.

    I am in New Zealand and have the NZ holidays calendar dates pulled in.

    - Web site calendar is fine
    - My win 8.1 laptop calendar app is fine
    - My Surface Pro 3 with win 10 has all the holidays one day early
    - My Lumia 950 has all the holidays one day early as well

    This is true of the gmail holidays also as I have a Gmail and hotmail acct synced.

    All my machines are set to NZ region and have TZ set auto, so this looks like out and out bug with calendar apps.

    Do you have a similar issue and what TZ are you in?
    01-29-2016 10:18 PM
  2. Malcolm Taylor NZ's Avatar
    I too am based in NZ and have the same issue with calendar holidays appearing one day early.
    E.g. Easter Good Friday displays on Thursday 24th March this year.
    I have double checked regions, time zones etc to be NZ based. Syncing is all good.
    Keen for a solution.

    01-31-2016 07:05 PM

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