1. anon(5325135)'s Avatar
    Hello Everyone,

    Not sure where to post this, but I have a question. What Twitter apps are you using for Windows 10 mobile? Using a Lumia 950, and I've been using Twitter a ton more recently. The official Twitter app has its fair share of problems, unfortunately.

    Currently using MeTweets, which is fine, Imo. However, the lag on the timeline when you haven't seen over 100 tweets is impossible.

    Own Fenice for Twitter, but it has a couple of bugs. Also have an issue with the store where it keeps restoring the app data even after reinstall. There should be a way to reset app data.

    Let me know what you guys use. Looking for one to make my home in. :)
    02-01-2016 11:30 PM
  2. AnkitGondalia's Avatar
    Im using the official one only as I hate the UI of all 3rd party twitter apps.. Try twittone, the only app which i like and the ui is pretty good..
    02-01-2016 11:57 PM
  3. Ma Rio's Avatar
    I use the official twitter app. It's enough for me. There are noticeable problems, but I check twitter like once a day for 5 minutes max (I just read the tweets, rarery reply or post my own, actually never lol).
    Can't wait for the UWP version though.
    02-02-2016 01:01 AM

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