1. Cloudscout#WN's Avatar
    A new record store opened here in Minneapolis last month. The place is called "Flashlight Vinyl" and I was supposed to meet a friend there the other day. I needed the address so I entered "Flashlight Vinyl" into Cortana's search field on my phone.

    Instead of searching the web for that term, Cortana decided that I was actually asking her to turn on my phone's flashlight mode. With the flashlight now on, she gave me the option of searching the web for that term... but what I really needed to do was turn the flashlight back off. The "Flashlight" button in the Action Center was unresponsive, though. It seems that you can't use that button to turn the flashlight off once Cortana has turned it on. Only Cortana can turn it back off again. That just requires typing (or telling) Cortana "flashlight off" and she does just that.

    But if I try to search for anything that contains the word "flashlight" in it, she will turn the light back on. Just another example of Microsoft's complete lack of quality control.
    02-17-2016 08:08 PM
  2. Zulfigar's Avatar
    How about turning the screen off and on again? I've seen where the Flashlight turns off after that happens.
    02-17-2016 08:16 PM
  3. Cloudscout#WN's Avatar
    Nope. That doesn't work either. The only way to turn it off is to ask Cortana to do it for you. Well, you could reboot the phone or pull the battery, too.
    02-17-2016 08:33 PM
  4. kwajr's Avatar
    Confirmed it should require you to input flashight on otherwise just search
    02-17-2016 09:12 PM
  5. Cloudscout#WN's Avatar
    Hmm... it seems that just searching for the word "flashlight" by itself doesn't trigger it. Searching for "flashlight" along with another word (like "flashlight vinyl" in my example) is what triggers the bug.
    02-17-2016 09:26 PM
  6. Jim Bob4's Avatar
    "Flashlight book" did not turn it on but flashlight vinyl did.
    02-17-2016 09:33 PM
  7. Cloudscout#WN's Avatar
    It just keeps getting weirder.
    02-17-2016 09:42 PM
  8. Zulfigar's Avatar
    Well, "flashlight on" also works (wasn't any doubt, but yeah). However, for me, turning off my screen and turning it back on turned the flashlight off (it turned off when the screen came back on).
    02-18-2016 12:42 AM

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