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    Most of the posts that I've seen regarding Band 1's performance on Windows Mobile 10 were more related to older Preview builds. I'm wondering what experiences Band 1 users, on the globally released .107 build, are having.

    I've used a Band 1, since Apr '15 (but got a replacement in Sep '15) and it ran flawlessly on WP8.1. I got a 950 DS at the end of January. During the first week, the only change that I noticed was the notifications icon on the Band updated, to match WM10's notification icon, and the performance of the Band seemed to transition nicely. However about a week after, I started missing or getting late (sometimes really late) notifications. SMS/MMS texts, Call, and Calendar notifications still work in a timely manner, but notifications from Notification Center, emails, and Cortana are hit or miss.

    On WP8.1, I appreciated the fact that I pulled out my phone less because I was confident that I would get notifications from other IM services like Whatsapp or Line, via the Notifications Center. After migrating to WM10, I'm back to checking my phone more often to check that I didn't miss any messages.

    Is this directly tied to compatibility with WM10? Or could it be tied to the Lumia 950/XLs?
    02-18-2016 04:55 PM

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