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    Hi all.

    Some of you may know, I have a friend who works for CPW at an SiS (store in store) in CurrysPCworld. I went down yesterday as he had called me to go and pick up my 950xl in white.

    Over a cuppa, talk wandered to what's hot, and what's not. On Feb 8, they had four black 950xl's delivered, and 6 950's. Yesterday, 21 Feb, they had in stock 4 xl's and 4 950's!! Not good by any stretch of the imagination. In the store, MS are gifted the same 3x3 display. MS is in the middle, with android left (nexus etc) and Samsung and Apple sharing the right display, and yet..... I asked whether people were showing any interest and he said that many enquiries were made about the 550, but it took so long to get them in store that budget droid phones were taken instead, despite the 550 being a good budget smartphone.

    When it came to the Lumia's (950 / xl), the complete lack of advertising and the total lack of continuum exposure has seen very few units sold. On top of which, you have to buy the dock as well! The biggest selling Lumia is STILL the 640, which he said was probably due to the lack of 550's. When you consider that a small CPW can turn over 200 plus Samsung / Apple units between a Friday and Monday, and only a couple of 950's in nearly a month, says it all. Even the fact that the 640 outsells the combined sales for other MS devices means something is awry in the marketing dept.

    Let's hope the new OEM's gain more exposure. I can only guess that the four current devices (inc 650) are guineapigs for w10m to show OEM's what 'can' be achieved if MS are just suppliers of the software. As for phone sales in the store I use, it is still biased towards the other OS's. There were an old couple in there yesterday after a phone for when they were out and about, incase of an emergency. Did they want a budget Symbian type of device? No!! They wanted a 6s, as they had seen the adverts and their granddaughter said they were nice!! Talk about asking to be mugged!!
    02-22-2016 09:56 AM

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