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    I had this ""problem" ever since I updated my old Lumia 920 to W10 via Windows Insider Program last year. For 3 months now I own Lumia 950XL and I have the same problem (I think this is also on my PC, but I dont really use Store there) - a lot of applications in store appears in languages in which I don't know a single word (before that I had Latvian as my primary language and English as secondary in aps) - for example Windows Insider appears in Arabic (and I can't even find it in store by typing Windows Insider since "Insider" is spelled in Arabic), Messenger is also in Arabic, a lot of apps are in Spanish or French. This language appears only in Windows store, actual app always uses English, but still is annoying, at first I thought that it's some kind of Windows 10 bug that will be fixed in future, but at least half a year has passed and nothing has changed, so I guess problem is with my account. I checked Region settings in my phone and PC, everything is set to Latvia and Latvian language (however I didn't find anything that would offer me to choose secondary language). Anyone know how to fix this?
    03-10-2016 02:28 AM

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