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    I use a total of four calendars on my everyday life: My personal calendar (which is the one from my MS Account), my work calendar (which is the one in my Office 365 account), my task calendar from work (wunderlist) and my college calendar (which uses iCalendar).

    Thus far, I have manually added any pending tasks from wunderlist and college events to Outlook, but recently I discovered the "Calendar Subscription" feature offered by several services. Did some digging and discovered that, with an unique URL, wunderlist auto-fills my calendar with any pending appointments, which is rather neat considering I use it A LOT. I added the calendar subscription to Outlook.com calendar, but the feed is nowhere to be found on my mobile device. Not only it didn't came with my Outlook calendar account, I found nowhere to add the feed, wether or the desktop app or in the mobile one. Furthermore, my college uses the same iCalendar standard to complete calendars. I would LOVE to be able to have my calendars auto-sync in outlook, but so far I have been unsucessful.

    Any one knows how to make it work or a workaround to have iCalendar subscriptions appearing in my Mobile calendar app?

    Running W10M on 10586.164
    03-15-2016 05:06 PM

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