1. Snaffie's Avatar
    Was wondering if this is something I need to alter a setting on to make it work as it seems weird/poor to me.

    Let's take August 2016 in Month View.

    I scroll to month view and just get a view of the month, Days 1 to 31.

    There are no lines, colours, underscores, ANYTHING around any of the days to indicate anything is set up for August.

    However, in the window under the month is a short vertical red bar with red writing next to it which says:
    All Day August Bank Holiday all day (Scotland)

    Which is on the 1st of August, but there is nothing actually on the monthly view to indicate what day this actually relates to.
    Likewise, I have a family members Birthday in August, which simply is not shown.
    If I tap on the day, then, in the area below, it shows the reminder in green.

    Weekly mode is fine.
    Just month mode seems a bit useless.

    Is this just how it is?
    03-16-2016 05:58 PM
  2. gwinegarden's Avatar
    Agreed. I've been harping about this for some tome, now. Just some simple indicator to show there are event on some days.
    03-16-2016 07:26 PM

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