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    I've got a 925. So, now that I'm not on the list of phones getting the upgrade, the first thing that I'm thinking about is which phone of the ones that are upgradable, already out there, and cheaper than a 950 or even can be had for less than a 650 are worth going out and getting.
    I was dead set on a 650 but now that I see that the 640 is fully upgradable (well, at least to the same level as a 650, no continuum and so on...) and people are practically giving them away online, I'm thinking what else there is? And what's your general opinions on the 640? With the 10 upgrade is it even MORE similar to the 650 than before? Give me relevant specs and real-world analysis, not talk of metal bezels and 2 more ppi, or the soft feel of the phone. And I don't need reminding of how little power there is in the range I'm looking at. Assume that I'm ok with a 650 and what it can do, and that's good enough.

    Thanks guys!
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    03-17-2016 12:36 PM
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    Why don't you update it via insider?
    Also I owned a 925 and now I have a 640 (on WP8.1 still, so I can't comment about its W10M performance). It's a very capable phone, what I miss from the 925 is the camera button (a lot), also the optic stabilization and night/low light photos, but the battery is a HUGE improvement, I had to charge my 925 2 times a day, now on the 640 almost always get a full day without any problem, with around 20% when I go to bed, but with low use I had squeezed almost 2 days out of it. Also having a microSD slot is heaven sent. I think you'll be very happy with it if you consider this downsides.
    03-17-2016 01:11 PM
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    Why don't you update it via insider?
    I'm running Insider Slow. I just find it has lots of little unfinished bugs and somebody told me that it'll never be a full Win10 experience without a firmware update which this phone is never gonna get. Examples: the movable keyboard doesn't work, weird glitch with never being able to use the eyeball icon to check if you've typed in the right phone pin, the camera screen has a border a few mm thick that flutters around when you go from landscape to portrait, taking photos from within an app to share causes the camera to crash, etc etc etc
    I love the specs of the 650, they're perfect for me. But if there's some other similar phone (or better) out there now for the same price that became fully upgradable today I'd gladly look at it. I think the things that concern me most are being able to add an SD card and having a camera that's on the better side for a mobile phone. I'm a photographer so in my opinion night shots have more to do with knowing how to play with exposure and ISO and knowing how to work with what available light you've got than anything that any of these mobile camera sensors can do. No phone at any price (save for the 1020) actually takes good quality pictures at night when compared to what even a crappy optical lens point and shoot can do. Good enough for 99% of people online, on their phone, quick printouts, sure. But nobody's using a photo taken on a phone and using it for anything that demands quality, I don't care what Apple says in their ads about the quality of their camera. Anyway, long story short, I think you have to accept a certain degree of quality on a phone camera so being picky about a phone's camera is, I think, not as useful as being picky about other phone specs. A good screen and fluidity throughout the UI are more important.
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