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    I had the L930 when it just came out on 8.1, I then went to insider slow ring after it was okay for everyday use and loved it and could see where it was heading. There were missing thing and obvious bug but the reason why I loved it was the simple, logical OS. It had in my view one of thee best cameras, screen was fantastic, battery life was good.

    I bet your wondering why I left and some are already thinking "apps", which is correct. The apps that I needed and used where missing. Plus I want a flagship phone and the L930 wasn't, don't get me wrong it was an ace phone but I was shallow and wanted a flagship and also try android, as before I used iPhone.

    What's changed you ask?

    Apps, the apps I needed and wanted have now turned up (mostly) but I've changed, I've seen the grass isn't greener on the other side. Android OS is good, as is the IOS but they all miss what Windows has simplicity and logical OS. I've also grown up and realised the having a flagship means nothing if you don't have the OS you like. Apple and Google are realising new updated OS annually, new phones annually, it's a never ending cycle of updating buying new flagships.

    I'm currently on the LG G4, it's a good phone but battery life is poor and camera is above average. I plan to use it for another year and then buy the latest surface/ Lumia phone. I look forward to the day.

    However I do have some questions.
    1)Has outlook calendar been sorted, in 8.1 it was much loved but the insider one was shameful.

    2) stability, is it more reliable?

    3) Is W10 finished or still insider only?

    4) Am I talking crap and should stay with another OS? If so Why?

    5) what are the best new W10 features over 8.1 and Android?

    Thanks for reading and your opinions are always wanted (mostly).


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    03-18-2016 04:23 AM
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    Despite what you may hear, the release w10m isn't that bad. I run it on all my devices and have run in to very few issues. As for stability, it has been pretty solid. We use our devices in a small taxi company. We have 14 devices from 950/950xl down to 550, and have NEVER had any reliability issues.

    Win 10 will never be complete. It is now windows as a service, waas, and will be regularly updated from here to whenever. MS said, about win 10, it is the last major OS release, and will be continually updated.

    I don't know if you are talking cr@p. You hold the same opinion as me with regards to the other, major mobile platforms. Android seems to operate along the same premise of continually releasing updates. The thing with android is that the new release usually fixes issues in the previous one, and dumps a whole load of new ones. I also feel that Android continuously releases new versions to appease the OEM's. Just how many new devices would they sell if they were running the same OS as the previous generation, especially when you factor in certain OEM's will drop previous generations updates after 12-18 months. Just how much better, in the real world, is an s7 over an s6? It's ok spouting antutu results and specs, but HOW much better are they?

    W10M, visually, is streets ahead. Transparent tiles, settings menu is logical and mirrors the desktop OS layout. Extended options when swiping down, including flashlight! Edge is pretty darn good. Larger screens have the option of an extra row of tiles. The UI is pretty good, although dissenters will say it's too Android. The whole OS is more 'modern' although 8.1 was seriously quick, I guess 10 will get there when the Redstone branch is released, although that will be a while.

    Flagship devices. Mmmm I've got 2 950's and 2 950xl. I love them, but, and it's a big but, they don't exactly look or feel premium. The hardware is ace, and I love the liquid cooling on the xl!! I use continuum a LOT and love it. No humping laptops around, less likelihood of being mugged on the underground as phone and dock in coat pocket. Fascinates clients when I just ask for a monitor and an outlet!!! Windows hello is a beta at present. I wear glasses so I don't bother with it, although it does function. Just slowly.

    If I were you and you were serious about having a look try a cheap phone. Not sure where you are but in the US, the 640 has been around $30-40. A great, very underated device. If you don't like the new OS, what have you lost??

    Me? I like it a lot, but then again, I use it for business not gaming etc. I also like the fact that apps are starting to appear and the biggest bonus for the ecosystem Is the arrival of a couple of big hitting, well known OEM's

    Best of luck with whatever you choose to do. Like I said, I use for business, and it just works for me.
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    03-18-2016 05:35 AM
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    Thank you for the reply. I hear and welcome your views on W10. I'm in the UK and will look into the L640. I'm interested on hearing more how you use W10 with your taxi company. I work for my dad's and I'm keen to try implement some modern changes. Tho wee are realatively small firm.

    I usually stick a cover on phones as I have a wee one and she usually tries to hammer with it or suck it!

    You've confirmed on my thoughts on returning to W10. Role on 12 months or less.


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    03-18-2016 04:19 PM
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    We issue phones to our drivers. Most of them have personal android and iPhone. We moved away from a radio circuit, due to concerns of security. Blasting out addresses and mobile numbers, over an open radio frequency had always bothered me. We have a couple of girls in the office with desktops running 10. They use the Cortana function to relay, via text, job details to individual drivers who's work phones are in the system. It was cheaper for us than having a data system installed in all the cars and office! I use the 950xl when meeting clients, one of which, believe it or not, is a Microsoft employee! I kid you not! I can set up a presentation on my phone, rock up at their premises, borrow a monitor and done. No lugging around laptops etc. We also make use of one drive with the drivers. They each have their own file containing pre-booked jobs which we send out daily. Again, addresses, phone numbers etc. We use this mainly for airports etc. The best thing of all is that the drivers have grown to love them. They comment on how easy they are to use. A job comes in, via text, Cortana reads it to them, and they reply via Cortana. The reply then shows up on the office PC's without ANY touching of a device! OK, some of this could be done using other devices, but I'm not a shallow fashionista. I want a device that does it's thing without ridiculous curved screens, or any other silly gimmick, that a suit implies my life wouldn't be worth living without it.

    One of the biggest bonuses for us is that most people have no idea about Microsoft phones! This means our drivers are much less likely to be mugged for the device, than if the had an iPhone 6 or S7 on display on the dash!!

    All of our devices have cases on, and cheap tempered glass screens off eBay if Amazon.

    I just remembered a cheaper option to check out the Win10M OS. The 550. Car phone warehouse were doing them for around 50 on PAYG. The beauty of Car phone Warehouse is that ALL of their devices are unlocked. The 550 was released with Win 10 and can join the fast ring insider program straight away, and play with the Redstone builds. This will give you an insight as to where the OS is going over the next few months.

    *NEWS FLASH* The 550 is currently available at Car phone warehouse for 39.99 on PAYG with a 10 top up (dont forget, they are unlocked) Gotta be worth a look eh? Not a flagship by a long chalk, but cheap enough to sling in a drawer if you dislike the OS. I'm off to get another one tomorrow to play with the Redstone insider preview. Too chicken to tie up a 950 with it.

    Have a butchers and let us know. Got to be worth a punt?
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