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    I was under the impression that apps (even old WP apps) were installed in a 'container' and then they were uninstalled everything went so it was as you had never installed it in the first place?

    On my 640XL running .164 (insider) the other day I updated the Official Twitter app to the UWP version, but noticed I didn't get any notifications. After checking under the settings there was no Twitter mentioned, so I thought I'd reinstall it.

    After uninstalling, then soft resetting the phone, I 'clean' installed from the store. But as soon as I launched the app I was logged in and all my settings were as they were?

    Two questions really...

    1. Was I wrong in my thinking of apps how apps install?
    2. Any ideas about notifications?

    EDIT: Thinking about it there used to be a setting in 8.1 about saving game data for a restore after a hard reset, but it never seemed to work. Is something like that happening?
    03-18-2016 02:26 PM

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